Bootcamp – Is Medical Marijuana Better Than Black Market Wee Chubbs and Tang talk about if MMJ is better than black market weed.

Kay One bottles and models feat red cafe

Kay One bottles and models feat red cafe

Bootcamp #24 – How Can Medical Marijuana Be Legal If It’s Illegal Federally? Chubbs and Tang talk about how medical marijuana can be legal on a state level, but still illegal on a federal level Video Rating: 4 / 5 Chubbs and Tang talk about some of the other marijuana education schools available for students.

Keeping the Surf Drug Free

(PRWEB) December 11, 2004 Australia is a place of fantastic beaches and we all love our fun in the sand and surf. But often we see it sadly married with drugs. There is a misnamed “soft” drug called Marijuana that has given Australia the unfortunate position of one of the top users of this drug in the world. Recent NSW government surveys show over a quarter of 14-19 year olds have tried it. And why? The youth are drawn in by the apparent social veneer that it “helps one to have a good time or be cool.” To counteract this, the Drug-Free Ambassadors have done a series of anti-drug education events including Maroubra Fun Run and Coogee Family Fun Day, just Saturday 4 December and the Ambassadors distributed the booklet, “The Truth about Joints” for this area. Spokesperson Cyrus Brooks said about the release: “It gives you the