California Medical Cannabis Compliance Lawyer Recommends Collectives and Dispensaries Get Compliance Checks to Address Recent Federal Concerns

Crescent City, CA (PRWEB) January 21, 2012 The four US Attorney?s offices in California have recently ratcheted up federal pressure and scrutiny of the state?s medical marijuana industry. They have issued letters to growers, dispensaries and landlords renting to these operations, threatening to prosecute them under federal law, regardless of their standing in state law. Many people in the industry found the closures arbitrary, but a recently leaked internal memo from the US Attorneys? office regarding marijuana enforcement reveals several factors that may trigger prosecution. California medical cannabis compliance lawyer Chris Van Hook, founder of the Clean Green Certified medical marijuana inspection program, says dispensaries or private collectives that want to avoid being flagged by the US Attorneys should get a compliance check by a qualified attorney to eliminate any business practices that may put them at greater risk of prosecution. Van Hook points out there are some understandable