Medical Cannabis Equipment Manufacturer Launches the ?iPad of Pot?

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) December 02, 2011 GrowOp Technology, the nation?s first medical marijuana-friendly hydroponics manufacturing company, announced today that it has officially launched its line of hi-tech digital environmental controllers for indoor and urban agriculture. ?Managing a large scale indoor cultivation effort is a time consuming and tedious process, fraught with significant opportunities for error. Automation is a core focus for GrowOp and our tools help significantly increase productivity and yields while reducing the margin for error,? said Derek Peterson, CEO and founder of GrowOp Tech. GrowOp?s Lineup includes everything needed to manage large scale indoor farms from its ?Chrono? timers to its crown jewel the ?Atmos D1?. These devices are designed to streamline indoor cultivation by automating and monitoring most of the key components associated with indoor gardening. Simply plug into your computer via a USB cable and program your temperature, C02 and other settings according to