Jerry Laberdee’s Daughter Reach’s out to the WORLD.

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  Thank You:          It is with great reserve that I write this letter. The reason for my reservation is the fear of what might happen to me or my family. I say those words with sincere honesty and disdain. Since my dad’s court hearing last week I have not said anything about his case because I was scared. I said to somebody tonight “The government that claims to be protecting us will become the thing we fear the most”. I have thought long and hard about what my dad would want me to do right now. Would he want me to publicize this and face possible further mistreatment by our government, or would he want me to stay silent in hopes that they might make things a little easier on him? For the last week I have chosen silence, and every time I turn around there

National Board of Pharmacy agrees; Cannabis is medicine.

  Thank You:      by Gregory Karl Davis  The Michigan Board of Pharmacy will be meeting in the Bureau of Health Professional Building located at 811 W. Ottawa, Lancing Michigan 48909-8170 on Wednesday, October 12 at 9 am. The speakers at the rally on the 7th will be distributing a Petition to Reschedule Cannabis as Medical Useful. This Petition will be an agenda item at this Meeting. The Iowa Board of Pharmacy last year held Hearings all over the State to determine if cannabis is medically useful. The Iowa Board of Pharmacy after taking sworn testimony in Public Hearings with medical evidence submitted they determined that yes, cannabis is medicine. The Iowa Board sent a recommendation to the Iowa Legislature to reschedule. The Iowa Board of Pharmacy was given a National Award for their work in determining that cannabis is medicine. The Michigan Board of Pharmacy recognizes the work of

Ask Oklahoma’s Governor To Commute 10 Year Sentence for $31.00 Marijuana Sale

  PLEASE SEND THIS LINK TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY… Hey, I just signed the petition “Ask Oklahoma’s Governor To Commute 10 Year Sentence for $31.00 Marijuana Sale” andwanted to see if you could help by adding your name. Our goal is to reach 50,000 signatures and we need moresupport. You can read more and sign the petition here:   Thanks!   Greetings, February, 2011. Patricia Marilyn Spottedcrow, an Oklahoma mother of four, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for selling $31 worth of marijuana. While what Ms. Spottedcrow did was illegal, the harsh punishment hardly reflects the severity of the offense, especially for a first time offender convicted of a nonviolent crime. This sentence tears apart a family, leaving a husband without his wife and four children without their mother. It also wastes valuable taxpayer resources incarcerating someone who does not belong behind bars. We

Obama’s New Policy to Crush Small Businesses

  Thank You:    By: Lurita Doan   President Obama and his team of economic advisors are continuing their crusade against entrepreneurs and small companies that are the traditional engine to economic growth.   The latest anti-business Obama policies appear in a just-released Executive Order 13495, a new rule to be enforced by the Department of Labor.  This particular regulation is aimed directly at small business owners and attacks small businesses’ most valuable asset–their employees. Executive Order 13495, which will be both complicated and costly to enforce, represents just another example of  Team Obama’s complete lack of understanding  of the concerns of small business owners.    After 15 years as a small business owner, and as the former Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration, I’ve been to the circus a few times and seen all the strings connected the federal government and its indifference to the plight of small business owners. For small businesses, Executive

The Truth about Cannabis ( Facts & History ).

Learn The Truth about Cannabis. Cannabis/Hemp should be grown world wide to end third world suffering. It could provide the entire world with food, shelter, clothing, fuel, paper, biodegradable plastic, and medicine. Plastic bags and containers could all be replaced with hemp, since it contains a high amount of cellulose. Hemp seed contains a high level of Omega 3,6,9 along with all 10 amino acids and more protein than soy or whey. It is also more digestible. Hemp can be used to build “anything from a 2×4 to the body of a stealth jet bomber”. Hemp packaging would allow you to “eat the container for dessert” in fast-food joints. Hemp could be “the greatest economic engine in the history of the human race.” The truth is that these assertions are perfectly legitimate. Unfortunately, hemp has become so marginalized in our society that the myriad benefits of the substance appear as