MJGreenNDP, or Legal Pot Clubs & BC Prison Pot Farms Where Crime Is Permitted To Grow?

Prison Pot Farms? Why has Medical MJ NOT been given a DIN#, so it can be “Prescribed” as a DRUG like other Medical DRUGS?? www.facebook.com In British Columbia Canada Illegal Drug activity is Hard to find?? www.facebook.com Legal Medical Marihuana / Marijuana vs Illegal MJ / Pot www.facebook.com I think I would be a good “Canadian Minister Of Peace” don’t you?? Ha! Ha! Ha! Just think of the Local support I would get from just sitting around smoking dope all day with “Local Enlightened Leaders” and no longer being seen as a Threat, but just a Guy wanting to help? I am and always was for sending all the NDP Party Members to the front lines, and to know if they have the support of the “Peace Department” with Me as “Minister Of Peace” with all my Union Staff there to HELP, when Needed like VAC Union Staff helps Veterans